Going back to history: FIFA World Cup notable events

After four years of World Cup silence, the football community will experience a new thrill as Qatar 2022 is a few days away. National teams from every continent will compete for a World Cup title that comes once every four years.

Moreover, the FIFA World Cup has its fair share of entertainment. Whether these be remarkable goals, legendary saves, or moments of genius, this tournament never fails to write itself in history as a memory that will stay with fans for a lifetime. So as you’re eagerly waiting for Qatar 2022, here are a few notable FIFA World Cup events to keep the thrill going:

World Cup Origins

Before it became the tournament it is today, the World Cup was first organized in 1930 by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) in Uruguay. Amazingly, the team that secured the trophy was the host nation.

Although a four-year gap exists between each tournament, there was a stop for 1942 and 1946 because of World War II. Nonetheless, the inception of this event is football’s transition into a new professional era that’s unlike any other.

World Cup Qualifiers

The four-year gap is long but necessary since the qualifying event is a lengthy process that involves extensive planning and multiple games. Each of FIFA’s six confederations determines its qualification system, which ultimately produces the team representing each of the confederation’s regions.

The fundamental key for this competition is its composition of international sectional tournaments that lead up to a final elimination made up of several teams. Moreover, each team is free from age or amateur status restrictions, making it a contest solely between the world’s best football players.

Since it’s such a large-scale competition, the World Cup remains a famous event that keeps every football fan on their toes. Likewise, fans across the world have been on the edge of their seats ever since its delay due to the pandemic, so it’s no surprise if they’re looking for the best FIFA world cup odds out there. When it comes to competition this big, it’s only best to be equipped with the latest player rankings and news updates.

World Cup Today

There’ve been several changes since the first game in Uruguay. This year, the event comprises 32 teams; however, it comprised 16 teams from 1954 to 1978 and 24 in 1982. In addition, this will continue to grow in the next World Cup, as you can expect 48 teams to participate.

Best World Cup Moments

Although each rendition of the game is thrilling, some moments stand out and will live long in fans’ memories. Whether these be a bone-chilling goal or a fantastic save, fans will remember all of these events regardless.

Maradona’s “Hand Of God” Goal

Diego Maradona scored a handball goal past Peter Shilton fifty-one minutes into the quarterfinals of the 1986 World Cup. In this Argentina-England game, the referees didn’t have a clear view of the goal and made the goal legal, thinking Maradona had scored with his head. After such an intense game, the goal was dubbed the “Hand of God” goal, with Maradona’s statement that he scored a little with the head and a little with the hand of God.

The 1970s ‘Beautiful Game’

Any football coach will take out a recording of the 1970 World Cup when scoring goals. Not only was this the first World Cup to be globally broadcasted, but it was also a great play by the Brazilians. Here, Pelé and Jairzhino’s fine work proved quite a force for the Italians. Likewise, a stunning finish by Carlos Alberto made headlines, and a score of 4-1 to Brazil became an ultimate cake topper.

Jong’s Iconic ‘Karate Kick’

Nigel De Jong landing a clean karate kick on Xabi Alonso’s chest will remain an iconic moment in World Cup history. It could’ve been a red card in another match, but it was only a yellow for the 2010 game. Referee Howard Webb was behind Alonso, slightly obstructed from the view of the tackle.


Additionally, De Jong says that Alonso came on his blind side, which landed the accidental kung-fu-style kick. Luckily, Xabi Alonso wasn’t injured by the kick and stayed on the field. Moreover, fans could say justice was served as Spain won its first World Cup on an extra-time goal.

Gaal’s Goalkeeper Substitution

During the 2014 quarterfinal match between the Netherlands and Costa Rica, it was inevitable for penalties in the game since both teams were goalless in extra time. However, Dutch coach Louis van Gaal pulled an unexpected move: switching goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen for Tim Krul.

Doing so paid off since Krul saved two penalties which ultimately helped the Netherlands win. For that, Louis van Gaal deserves a spot in the best World Cup moments for his bold move.

Final Thoughts

The FIFA World Cup has been a great deal for football fans worldwide since its first game in 1930 until now. Likewise, careful planning for the qualifying events and host countries and its exciting games per se makes this an entertainment fit for the general public. It’s a tournament where the best national teams compete with each other, fans connecting as interest aligns, and ultimately, sharing notable moments that stick for life.

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