Google releases August 2023 core update; Here’s everything you need to know!

Google has announced the arrival of the core update for August 2023. The company claimed that after the upgrade has been rolled out, it would update its ranking release history page.

To ensure that users always receive the most useful and reliable results, Google regularly releases core updates.

Although core updates aren’t intended to target particular websites or pages, they could make pages that were lower-ranked in the rankings gain visibility. On the other hand, pages that were once rewarded can see a drop in rankings.

Understanding Performance Changes Post August 2023 Core Update

A core update can have an advantageous or bad influence on a website’s search performance, or it might have no effect at all. Google emphasizes that a drop in performance following a core upgrade does not indicate an issue with your website.

The drop might be due to core update changes rather than anything wrong with your content or site structure. Google advises people facing ranking drops to focus on improving website quality instead of looking for technical fixes.

Recovery Time

If improvements justify it, it might take many months for pages to recover rankings lost due to a core update. Google, on the other hand, is continually changing its algorithms. It may release more small updates in between broader core updates that could help pages that have made changes.

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