Homicide: New York- Plot, Trailer and Release date

Here’s everything you need to know about “Homicide: New York”.


The “Homicide: New York” docuseries’ debut installment will highlight some of the “Big Apple city’s” most astounding murder cases. With the help of eyewitnesses and first-hand accounts from the police detectives and prosecutors working on the criminal units, each episode recounts the notorious and violent murder cases. A number of talking heads discuss some of the horrifying and gut-wrenching murder mystery cases in the 1:16-minute teaser. One of the witnesses described the shooting case that had shaken her to the very core, akin to an execution. The goal of the documentary series is to solve the murder mystery in Central Park and other well-known areas of the large city. The police force was concerned about the rising crime rate and made every effort to provide justice to the innocent victims of such dangerous crimes.

A number of terrifying murder cases are anticipated in the series, along with a recounting of the homicide investigators’ and prosecutors’ courtroom investigations. Through the eyes of those who gave it their all to pursue justice, we relive the horrific events. Homicide: New York looks like a great series to watch, with a tonne of strange murder cases and graphic crime scenes that will test your compassion and conscience.

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Release Date

Homicide: New York hadreleased on March 20, 2024 on Netflix.

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