How many episodes are in Barry season 4?

In the intriguing dark comedy series from HBO, Bill Hader is returned as the titular hitman, who is somewhat reluctant. The character was ultimately trapped by the police at the conclusion of Barry season 3, which left the fourth season with a lot of work to do from the start.

Barry is one of the finest TV shows of recent years and unquestionably one of the best comedy programmes on HBO – at least for those who prefer their laughter with a side order of murder. It was created by Alec Berg and Hader, who is also one of the key writers and directors. Barry’s attempts to leave the world of contract killing and pursue acting have been chronicled in the series.

The Barry season 4 release date signals the end of the show’s journey, so we’ve examined how many episodes are in season 4 to inform you of what to anticipate from the Barry ensemble as they get ready for their last farewell.


How many episodes are in Barry season 4?

Bill Hader has directed each and every one of the eight episodes that make up Barry season 4. There are only four episodes left as of May 1.

Barry season 4 premiered with its first two episodes on April 16; the next six are scheduled to air one at a time, weekly, between now and May 28, 2023. Then, whether the protagonist rides off into the sunset or meets a sticky end, that will be it. Time will only tell.

Hader has taken up the role of permanent director this season after directing a select number of episodes in each of the previous three seasons. He was a little greedy, but we’ll overlook that since he helped to conceptualise the entire play.


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