How much to invest to get 1 crore in 10 years? Sip calculator and more!

To lead a financially stable retired life, one needs to start investing early in securities and mutual funds. Typically, investors and financial analysts advise having a long-term, well-strategized financial plan to translate the dream into a reality.

But having said that, did you know that you can become a crorepati by investing in SIP? No? Learn more on how to gain 1 crore in 10 years with SIP, and how to use a SIP calculator from the article below!

First Things First: What Is SIP?

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan, to put it simply, is an investment option offered by mutual fund companies. It allows an investor to invest with a fixed amount in mutual fund schemes at regular intervals. With SIP, you can invest in a monthly, quarterly, or weekly plan and the starting amount can be as low as 500 rupees per month!

For both new and experienced investors, a mutual fund is the preferred investment type owing to its primary benefit of receiving access to diversified financial instruments. For example, if an individual invests in mutual funds, they automatically get access to other stock units, all at a specific amount. Here, if a few cases do not perform, the investor is free to compensate with other units for returns.

How Can An Investor Benefit From SIP?

Here are a few ways how an investor can benefit from SIP:

  • The plan is affordable and flexible that allows the investor to invest with a low amount initially and increase the investment slowly
  • SIP provides free entry and exit without any imposition of the charges, which means, an investor can withdraw the amount with no penalty attached to it
  • SIP is an ideal choice if you have a low-risk appetite but a small and regular amount of money available for investment
  • The Power of Compounding helps to grow your money as and when the tenure increases

How To Proceed With Investing In SIP?

Listed below are the steps to follow before investing in SIP:

1) Establish An End Goal

The first thing that you must identify as an investor is your end financial goal and the kind of risk you are willing to tolerate to get to that goal. Is it marriage, the child’s education, a vacation, buying a car, or just monthly savings? Having a predefined set of financial goals will also help invest in a scheme whose risk profile matches your risk appetite.

2) Fund Selection

Once you are aware of your risk tolerance and personal financial goals, you now need to identify the mutual fund scheme that suits you the best. Make sure to analyze the historical performance of the fund for a more clear idea.

3) Pick The Suitable Date For Payment

It is important to make weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly SIP payments. The company offering the mutual fund directly deducts the fee from your savings account by auto-debiting, hence, choose a date that syncs well with your monthly budgeting.

4) Investment Duration

In general cases, a SIP carries an investment duration with an end date after a year or 3/5 years of investment. Nevertheless, depending on the circumstances, an investor can choose to withdraw the amount that they invested as and when needed, or as per their financial goals.

Having said that, when it comes to building a corpus of Rs. 1 crore with SIP, you will be required to invest accordingly, depending on the investment that helps you accomplish the target as per your investment resources. To help you plan and strategize, a SIP calculator can surely come in handy.

SIP Returns According To Various Time Durations:

Duration SIP amount Future Value
5 years 50,000 Rs. 41.2 Lakhs
8 years 50,000 Rs. 80.8 Lakhs
10 years 50,000 Rs. 1.2 Crores


What Is An SIP Calculator? And, How Can An Investor Generate 1 Crore In Just 10 Years?

SIP calculator or a Systematic Investment Plan calculator is an online financial tool that helps investors calculate their rate of returns on the SIP investment. It also allows you to know how much you would need to invest each month and earn a target corpus.

Let’s understand how to invest in SIP to generate 1 crore in 10 years through an example:

Assuming the average return of 12%, an investor will need to invest an amount of Rs. 11,600 per week or Rs. 50,000 monthly to build a corpus of Rs. 1 crore in 10 years.

It must be noted, however, that setting a large target amount doesn’t necessarily guarantee taking care of the financial goals. Therefore, you need to find your long-term goals by setting realistic targets to build enough corpus for the future; a SIP calculator may help!

To Conclude: What Are The Factors That Slow Down An SIP Target?

  • If the fund that you chose underperforms consecutively by failing to meet the 12% target
  • If the GDP growth goes below 7% due to unavoidable circumstances such as war, recession, or political turmoil
  • If there is an increase in the tax slabs of equity by future governments


1) How much should an investor invest to make 1 crore in 10 years?

To become a crorepati in just 10 years, an investor will have to invest about Rs 43,000 per month to get a return of at least 12% p.a.

2) How can I earn 1 crore in a year?

  • Pen down your goals
  • Know your tolerance level
  • Look for the best fund option
  • Pick the suitable date for payment
  • Choose the preferred duration

3) Is SIP safe?

Yes! It is a safe method of investing in mutual funds.

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