How to create minimalist kitchen with white cabinets

Most people think that a white kitchen is boring because it doesn’t bring any color. However, minimalist kitchens are actually easier to decorate with modern furniture and colorful accessories. We can transform your bland white kitchen into a beautiful space you will want to spend time in. If you want to get into details of Interior Design, you can enroll in the free Interior design course organized by Interior Design Institute, Paris (

Choose a minimalist design for your kitchen

Nowadays, minimalist design is a popular trend in the kitchen. They are usually created with white cabinets and pulls that match. The best way to create this effect is by selecting dark floors and light-colored cabinetry for your new kitchen space. You can make it more comfortable if you add accent colors like yellow or blue on some of the walls as well. This design will provide an additional amount of storage for all those gadgets we seem to accumulate over time without taking up too much visual “breathing room” from other areas around the house such as living spaces or bedrooms when looking into them from outside through large windows.

Paint the cabinets white to create a clean, bright space

The first step in creating a minimalist kitchen is to paint the cabinets white. Not only does this make your space feel bigger, it also makes everything look cleaner and brighter! There are plenty of ways you can go about painting them: use an oil-based primer if they’re currently painted wood or stain resistant primer for stained ones. Use satin latex paints which will dry faster than flat paint finishes so that you don’t have to wait weeks before using your newly transformed room again. They’ll need at least two coats of paint until it feels opaque enough – perfect for those who want their project done as quickly as possible.

Replace countertops with glass or marble to give the room an airy feel

Countertops are one of the most functional and expensive pieces in your kitchen. Your choice should take into consideration what you’re planning to cook, how often you’ll use it, and any allergies or dietary restrictions that may be present. Granite countertops have become a popular choice for those with high-end tastes but they can run as much as $150 per square foot (PSF). If this is out of your budget then quartz surfaces make an excellent economical alternative and they last longer than granite counters too! Laminate countertops are also durable enough for everyday wear and tear but if you want them purely aesthetic then consider installing glass tiles on top instead which come at about half the price.

Add open shelving in place of closed ones so things are easy to see and reach

A kitchen is a challenging place to find the perfect balance of minimalism and function. This article will show you how to create a minimalist kitchen with white cabinets by removing excess furniture, open shelving in place of closed ones so things are easy to see and reach, layering surfaces horizontally instead of stacking them vertically, and carefully selecting appliances that suit the space. The first step for creating a minimalist kitchen with white cabinets is by removing any unnecessary furniture or clutter from your floor plan. The more cluttered an area gets, the smaller it feels because there’s less room for people to move around freely without knocking into something else.

Use light colors on walls to make everything seem more spacious

One of the best ways to create a minimalist kitchen is by using light colors on the walls. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with white, gray or any other color that isn’t dark and heavy. Not only does it make everything seem more spacious but lighter shades also have a calming effect which makes cooking in your kitchen much easier! There are so many different paint colors available today that picking one will be easy enough as long as it falls within these guidelines – go for something bright like yellow, orange or red, or pick up an off-white shade such as cream or oatmeal to provide warmth without being too overwhelming. This type of color scheme can work wonders when creating a clean slate space because there’s no need to worry about clashing colors or a lack of natural lighting.

In the end, it is up to you whether you want a minimalist or modern kitchen. As long as your design fits with your taste and lifestyle then anything goes! It’s worth noting that if you have children in the house, they may not take kindly to having their toys hidden away behind closed doors so you should discuss the idea with experts before building a house or its interior. If this is the case for your family then a more traditional setup might be best suited for everyone involved.

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