How to watch The Equalizer 3?

If you’ve been watching the last three films, you’ll know that Robert McCall always means one thing: a real ass kicking.

The latest and last entry in the series that features some of the finest Denzel Washington motion pictures is The Equaliser 3. The trilogy directed by Antoine Fuqua has established itself as deserving of any top thriller films list and provided some genuinely innovative tactics to defeat the most dangerous bad guys out there.

Undoubtedly one of the most fiercely anticipated films of 2023, we can tell you how to get your hands (and eyes) on it. How to see The Equaliser 3? Find out below.

Where can I watch The Equalizer 3?

Only Friday, September 1, 2023, in the US and Wednesday, August 30, 2023 in the UK will see The Equaliser 3 released in theatres.

As a result, spectators in the UK will be able to see Denzel return to action a bit earlier than the rest of the world. However, there is no need to worry because the wait is not that lengthy.

The Equaliser 3 isn’t yet available to watch and will only be available in theatres for the first few weeks of its release.

Of course, we have no doubt that it will eventually appear on one of the greatest streaming sites; the only questions are where and when. The Equaliser franchise’s streaming rights, as far as we can discover, are dispersed.

Currently, Starz and Amazon Prime both offer the first film for streaming and for purchase or rental. The second film is accessible on Hulu and Prime as well as streaming there.

The Equaliser 3 isn’t now available on Netflix, although it could do so in the future.

Sony does have a partnership with Netflix, so it’s possible that all three films may eventually appear there. If you haven’t already, learn about the most recent Netflix pricing while you wait and explore the new content added to the service this month. There are several excellent Netflix films available to watch.

The Equaliser 3 probably won’t ever appear on Disney Plus.

How to watch The Equalizer 3: Denzel Washington as Robert

Despite the fact that the platform has produced some of the finest action films (mainly superhero-based), Disney doesn’t frequently choose the gritty, bloodier material. However, if you want to see all the House of Mouse has to offer, watch all the greatest Disney films and discover what’s fresh on Disney Plus.

After The Equaliser 3’s theatrical run concludes, we anticipate it will eventually appear on Prime Video.

It seems likely that the third Equaliser movie will ultimately join the first two, which are already available to rent or buy on the site. See what’s fresh on Amazon Prime Video right now and check out all the finest Amazon Prime films.

The Equaliser 3 is likely to see a physical release at some point.

It seems reasonable that producers would want to provide fans the entire trilogy on tangible media since both of the predecessor films are readily available, including on Blu-ray. I’m crossing my fingers that the wait won’t be too long! That is all there is to know about viewing The Equaliser 3.

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