मेरा.भारत – a website completely in hindi launched by a tech entrepreneur, Vinay Murarka

A tech entrepreneur Vinay Murarka – Founder of V2 Technologies is being lauded by many these days for launching India’s first and completely in Hindi website. Website “https://मेरा.भारत“, not only the content but the domain name is also in Hindi.

In an interview he said “..No other Indian website has a Hindi domain yet. The aim behind creating a website like this was to promote India’s national language Hindi and support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message of Vocal for Local.”

His website features news related tour & travel, history, religion, states and policies. The founder Vinay is associated with many other online & offline organisations such as Laughing Colours, TaxGuru, Business Upturn. He is also one of the members in ICANN NBG Panel from India.

To help many other entrepreneurs he also run a website known as ‘bookyour.in’ where anyone can book a domain name in local languages such as Marathi, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Odia and many more languages to choose from.

His website ‘bookyour.in’ is registrar under for .in while ‘.भारत’  is registered under National Exchange of India, also known by many as NIXI.