Hundreds dead, town destroyed due to unprecedented heat in Canada

Is an unprecedented heatwave claiming the lives of hundreds of people along with triggering more than 150 wildfires across British Columbia, the tiny town of Lytton experienced Canada’s highest ever temperature on Tuesday?

Astounding the town of just 250 people nestled in the mountains, Lytton hit 49.6 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperatures in June are usually around 25 degrees. Along with forcing its people as well as hundreds around them to flee, the fires have turned much of Lytton to ash.

Making heat waves more frequent and intense, scientists have warned for decades that climate change shall make it do so. Several other parts of the northern hemisphere are increasingly becoming uninhabitable. The residents of New York City were told not to use high-energy appliances such as washers and dryers as roads started to melt this week in America’s Northwest.

While Siberian farmers are scrambling to save their crops from dying during an ongoing heatwave, on 23rd June, Moscow reported its highest ever June temperature of 34.8゚degrees. After a weather station in Siberia’s Verkhoyansk recorded a 38-degree day on 20th June, the highest ever temperature North of the Arctic Circle is sought to be verified by the World Meteorological Organization.

With temperatures staying consistently in the 40s, the Indian Meteorological Department classified the Indian capital, New Delhi along with cities in its surroundings as experiencing severe extreme heat which is more than 7 degrees higher than usual, as mentioned. In areas like the state of Rajasthan, life has been made more difficult by the heat along with a late monsoon.

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