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Westford,USA, May 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Artificial intelligence (AI) is a novel technology that simulates human intelligence through machines and digital technology. Rapid advancements in AI in recent years have propelled its popularity on a global level, which in turn, has increased investments in the AI business. Launch of new digital transformation initiatives and rising use of novel artificial intelligence solutions across different industry verticals bolsters market growth.

The global artificial intelligence (AI) market is segmented into solution, technology, industry and region. This segmentation gives a more in-depth look at the global artificial intelligence (AI) market.

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Hardware and Software: Bedrock of Successful AI Solutions

AI algorithms are highly complex, and therefore they require special software to manage and efficiently run these algorithms. This allows the software segment to hold a high market share. Rising demand for better processing and the need for multiple functionalities from AI solutions will foster the innovation of new AI software. Investing in proper AI software solution development will be of utmost importance for all artificial intelligence (AI) companies looking to expand their business scope in the future.

AI algorithms and software require high processing and computing power, which is why the demand for specialized hardware for artificial intelligence solutions is increasing rapidly. Artificial intelligence (AI) companies are investing heavily in the development of novel hardware designed specifically for AI applications to promote rapid market growth. Graphic processing units (GPUs), central processing units (CPUs), application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are some key hardware components that are witnessing high demand and advancements for AI applications.

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Technologies Transforming the AI Landscape

Machine learning (ML) is an important and probably the most crucial subset of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. Machine learning refers to the use of data and algorithms to help AI models simulate human intelligence in a more effective form. The high use of machine learning to train AI models is what makes it the most important technology in the artificial intelligence space. The rapid surge in data volumes and the vital role of machine learning in decision-making, predictive analytics, and pattern recognition make this technology sub-segment a highly lucrative one to invest in.

Rising use of artificial intelligence to power chatbots, intelligent virtual assistants, and conversational AI models is what makes natural language processing (NLP) technology a highly important one. Sentiment analysis and language translation are required to better convey human interaction with AI models, which is projected to boost the demand for NLP over the coming years. Growing use of generative and conversational AI models such as Chat GPT, Gemini, Claude, and Microsoft Bing AI will also help foster new demand for NLP technology and boost artificial intelligence (AI) market development as well.

Artificial Intelligence: An Essential for Every Industry’s Arsenal

The technology and communication industry are spearheading the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) around the world. This can be attributed to the high volumes of data generated from this industry. The growing need for automation of different redundant tasks in the technology industry to improve productivity has promoted the use of AI. High investments in advancements in artificial intelligence technology and growing use of the same in the technology and communication industry allow this sub-segment to hold a high market share.

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to increase in all industry verticals such as automotive, healthcare, financial services, transportation and logistics, energy, manufacturing, etc. However, the financial services sub-segment stands out as the most opportune one for artificial intelligence (AI) companies in the future. Deployment of AI models to ensure compliance and security of financial transactions in real-time is what allows the financial services industry to emerge as a highly lucrative one for artificial intelligence (AI) companies going forward.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence (AI) companies will need to focus on all segments of the market if they want toemerge on the top and have the highest market share. New artificial intelligence (AI) providers should pick a sub-segment and explore opportunities within them to get the best return on their investmentsin the long run.

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