‘Hypnotic’ by Ben Affleck and Robert Rodriguez to premiere in Spring


According to a report by Deadline, the new Robert Rodriguez movie Hypnotic has earned a theatrical release date in the United States following its unexpected premiere at the SXSW Festival, when a “work-in-progress” edit of the movie was revealed. The movie, which will feature Ben Affleck, had a positive response from the audience when it premiered on Sunday night at the festival. This is a nice boost for the project, which has experienced many ups and downs throughout the challenging transition from screenplay to screen. Although it was noted that Rodriguez’s decision to screen the movie in his home state of Texas as a “work-in-progress” was exceedingly rare, it gave the movie a PR boost and gave its investors more confidence.

Speaking after the movie’s domestic release date on May 12, 2023, when it would debut on more than 2000 theaters, Robert said, “I’ve been working on this film for many years now, and to see the reaction from my home town audience at SXSW was humbling and validating. I look forward to now sharing it with all movie lovers who want to experience a crazy fun ride full of unexpected twists and turns.” Rodriguez, who is most known for his work on Sin City, El Mariachi, and the Spy Kids series as well as more recently collaborating with Disney and Lucasfilm on The Mandalorian and its spinoff, The Book of Boba Fett, is directing the movie as a labor of love. The $70 million project’s director has been working on it for about 20 years; during that period, COVID has delayed it, it has been shut down three times during production, and it has been the subject of an insurance dispute.

Furthermore, in the film, Affleck plays a detective in the movie who stumbles across a rabbit hole while looking into a string of bizarre incidents that seem to have some connection to his missing daughter. A deadly specter, who he believes holds the secret to finding his daughter, is after him with the help of a talented psychic. But, more holes are to come. William Fichtner, Jeff Fahey, Jackie Earle Haley, Hala Finley, Alice Braga, and JD Pardo make up the supporting cast.

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