Hyundai Creta emerges as a top seller in May by overtaking the sale of Swift

Swift was the highest selling car since 2008 but this year in May its taken over by Hyundai Creta.

Hyundai’s Creta has made an appearance as the top seller in May 2021. It is only 7,527 units ahead of Maruti Swift which is reported at 7,005 units in wholesales. Since 2008, Swift was the highest selling car but this year it was overtaken by Hyndai Creta

Ravi Bhatia, president, JATO Dynamics said that “Maruti Suzuki dominates the top 10 model list and Swift has been part of that list for more than a decade moving up to occupy the top slot in the year of 2021,and the SUV segment has been doing well but the May numbers were skewed by production issues.”

It is seen that because of pandemic and lockdown the sale of Creta and Swift has been adversely affected, the sale of former sold 12,463 units in the month of April and latter sold around 18,316 units. Maruti said that, “May was not a normal production or sales month, and no conclusions were misleading.” On this statement made by Maruti, Hyundai officials refused to comment.

Senior ED of Maruti Suzuki Mr. Shashank Srivastav said that, “Swift continues to be the country’s best selling car with the sale of over 25000 units between April-May 2021 and the only closest competition to the country’s best selling car is our very own Hatack Baleno with over 21,000 units sold between April-May 2021 period. “



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