‘I left india only for medical treatment at US’: Mehul Choksi

Mehul Choksi, a fugitive diamantaire has invited Indian authorities to interview him of whatever questions the team has for him. He also claims he left India for medical treatment at United States of America. Choksi also declares ‘I am a law abiding citizen’.

On presentation of the official document before Dominica Hight Court, this is what is stated by a 62 year old Indian jeweller. “I have extended an invitation to the Indian authorities to conduct any interview or investigation they have against of me.”

According to Times of India (TOI) reports, the Indian jeweller says, “I did not run away from the law of India. There was no warrant or official statement against of me by the law enforcement of India, when I left India to seek medical treatment in United States of America”.

Choksi fled from India on January 2018 and settled in Antigua, just few days before his name was brought into the light in Rs. 13.500 crore Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam. Since then, Choksi did not returned to the country.  As he would be investigated by the CBI, ED and other Indian Agency or changes of criminal conspiracy, breach of trust, dishonesty, corruption and money laundering.

There’s more to this. In reply of the charges against him being a flight risk for committing crimes in India, Choksi also declares of not having any intention of absconding. Further, claims that the Red Corner Interpol notice is merely a request to facilitate surrender and not an international arrest warrant.

According to TOI reports, while explaining the purpose of Red Corner Notice from the Interpol website. Choksi says, “I have no intention of absconding from attending court in Dominica. The existence of the Red Corner Notice doesn’t make me a flight risk, moreover it is just a request by the Interpol on behalf of India to take steps to facilitate my surrender to India. Therefore formalities have already started in Antigua and Barbuda.”

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