‘I saw a video in which I was doing garba’: PM Narendra Modi addresses threat of deepfakes in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Friday that he even saw a video of himself playing Garba, highlighting the misuse of artificial intelligence for making deepfakes.

‘I watched my deep fake video in which I’m doing garba,” the prime minister said.

“But the reality is that I have not done garba after my school life. Someone made my deepfake video,” he added, speaking to the media at the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Diwali Milan event in the national capital.

Modi also cautioned that deepfakes might cause a big crisis and perhaps stoke the fire of disaffection in a diverse society like ours.

“A new crisis is emerging due to deepfakes produced through artificial intelligence,” the Prime Minister said to the journalists. “There is a very big section of society which does not have a parallel verification system.”

Modi’s comments come only days after a ‘deepfake’ video of actor Rashmika Mandanna went viral on social media.

The original clip was reportedly of a British-Indian influencer whose face was edited with Mandanna’s face.


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