“If IPL can be conducted then why can’t India Open?” – Vimal Kumar

When the leading Indian shuttlers are eagerly waiting for the biggest badminton tournament in the country, the India open 2021 to strengthen their chances in Olympic the news came of it being postponed on Monday.

The Badminton Association of India general secretary said ” we have an entry of 228 players and nearly 300 people.” Considering their safety and due to sudden rise in Covid 19 the decision has been taken to postpone the event. Chief national coach Pullela Gopichand welcomed this decision.

However this decision was not very welcomed by the former chief national coach and Olympian Vimal Kumar. He said the BAI could have definitely conducted the India Open.

He also argued that if IPL can be conducted very smoothly then why cant India Open? He said ” it’s just a six-court hall. Only about 40-50 people need to be inside the stadium. And, there are no spectators allowed as well. So what was the necessity to cancel it? Indian Open is one of the very pretigious tournament. We have to learn living with the pandemic. There is no escaping. By cancelling, we are not going anywhere.”

However the ultimate output is that the event is already cancelled and time will only tell when it will start again.

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