Important facts about gunfighter Luis Suarez

Luis Suárez, the Uruguayan striker, is all about scoring goals. Suárez has been a hit wherever he has gone. We’re all familiar with Suárez and his unique scoring abilities, but here are the 5 things you didn’t know about Luis Suarez.


1. Luis Suárez swept the Montevideo streets.When Luis was growing up in Uruguay’s capital city of Montevideo, things were tough. He used to sweep the streets and practice football at the same time when he wasn’t on the field. Suárez, in fact, went through a lot of adversity on his way to stardom later in his career.


2. Luis Suárez tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart.
Luis Suárez, like his best friend Lionel Messi, married the girl he adored as a teenager, Sofia Balbi. They are also family friends of Lionel Messi.


3.  His nicknames

Nicknames are common among football fans and players, and even among teammates at times. Luis Suárez has several nicknames, including El Pistolero, which means “gunfighter,” and El Conejo, which means “rabbit.” While his fighting spirit and finishing skills contributed to his earning these nicknames, he is without a doubt one of the greats of his generation.


4. Hat-trick Hungry

During his time in the Premier League, Luis Suarez scored a hat-trick or more every 18 games, officially making him the most frequent hat-trick scorer in the English top-flight, a feat no one has ever accomplished in the league’s history.


5. Suárez’s daughter has an odd connection to Anfield.

Suárez was still at Ajax, scoring goals for the Dutch club when he and his partner welcomed their first child, a girl named Delfina. Delfina is now an anagram of Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC, where he was transferred four months later and rose to legendary status during his time there.


Currently playing for Atletico, he’s on the verge of winning La Liga, with just 2 games left for the season to end. Will we see him continue at Atletico or move to a different team or league?

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