India among 16 Asian countries to receive a Covax doses by USA

The decision of donating around six million unused Covid-19 vaccine doses was taken by the United States. Kamala Harris, the Vice President of US, then called up many world leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the decision. The vaccine doses are decided to be donated to India, Mexico, Canada and South Korea as said by Joe Biden, President of the United States.

The support and solidarity from the US government along with the assurance of supplies to India was deeply appreciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Around 19 million vaccine doses from the first tranche of 25 million doses will be transferred to the Covax Facility which is led by World Health Organization (WHO) for distribution among low and middle income countries, while the remaining six million doses shall be directly shared to a few countries including India.

The US White House has aimed to over 80 million doses across the world by the end of June 2021. Most of these shall be transferred through Covax.

According to a statement, India is expected to be the largest beneficiary from the doses given to Covax even though country specific allocations are not available for the moment. As said by the US President Joe Biden, as long as the pandemic has its presence anywhere in the world, US is committed to help in the same urgency to the efforts as they did for their Nation.

Along with the supplies worth $100 million which includes PPE kits, oxygen converters and therapeutics, this act by the US will be addition to it.


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