India may exempt EU’s vaccinated people from mandatory quarantine, if they recognize India’s COVID 19 vaccines

Amongst the constant argument between the European Union and India on the exclusion of Covishield and Covaxin  from EU’s Digital COVID Certificate or Green Pass, India on Wednesday assured the EU member state that it would exempt their vaccinated people from mandatory quarantine considering they recognize the Indian vaccines and its vaccination certificate.  As per guidelines, people travelling from abroad to India are required to mandatorily quarantine themselves.

According to reports, once Covaxin and Covishield are approved for inclusion in the EU’s Digital COVID Certificate and they recognize India’s CoWIN vaccination certificate, Indian health authorities would reciprocally exempt people from the EU member states from mandatory quarantine while travelling to India. Provided, those person posses the EU Digital COVID certificate or Green Pass.

EU’s COVID Certificate

The European Union have developed this ‘EU Digital COVID Certificate’ to ensure free movement of vaccinated people within the EU. With this certificate, people who have vaccinated themselves with the COVID 19 vaccines authorized by the European Medicine Agency (EMA) will be able to move freely within the EU.

The EMA also affirmed that individual EU member states have the flexibility to accept the vaccines that have been authorized by the World Health Organization or at the national level. On this ground, India have urged EU member states to individually consider extending similar exemption to those individuals who have taken COVID 19 vaccine in India and also to recognize the vaccination certificate issued through the CoWIN portal. India also informed the EU member state that genuineness of the vaccination certificate can be authenticated on the CoWIN portal.

An EU official while speaking to ‘India Today TV’ clarified, “The Certificate is a practical tool that can facilitate travel in those cases where restriction are lifted.” The EU Digital COVID Certificates ‘are not a pre-requisite’ for travel into the EU, the official added.

The official explained that the Member States are free to accept the documentation issued in the third countries for vaccination. These vaccination certificate should have the information that enables to know the identity of the person, the type of vaccine along with the date of the administration of the vaccine.

On the issue of exclusion of Covishield from the EU Digital COVID certificate, the official stated, ” At present Covishield is not authorized for placing on the market in the EU. However, it has completed the WHO Emergency listing process.” The official further added that on the basis of the relevant Council recommendation on the temporary restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU, Member state may allow travelers who are fully vaccinated with this vaccine to enter the EU.

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