Indonesian footballer dies after being struck by lightning on-field during a friendly match

A football player was struck by lightning during a game in Indonesia, resulting in his death despite many attempts at resuscitation. The incident happened on Saturday, February 10, between FBI Subang and FLO FC Bandung’s friendly match.

The footballer was struck by lightning while he was on the pitch during the match, as per reports from PRFMNEWS, the local media outlet. As soon as the player fell to the ground, other players hurried to help him to the sidelines.

The player’s jersey was burned by the lightning hit, but the report also stated that he was still alive and breathing. He was later declared dead after being taken to the Sariningsih Hospital in Bandung, Indonesia. The man is reportedly identified as Septain Rahaja

Watch the shocking video here!

Earlier in November 2023, another football player participating in the Soeratin Cup in Bojonegoro, East Java, was struck by lightning, causing him to lose consciousness. Fortunately, the player regained consciousness after the hospital staff attempted to resuscitate the player.

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