Ink Master Season 14: Everything you need to know about the contestants


Ink Master is a reality where in the contestants are tattoo masters in the industry. The show follows artists from four regions that fight to defend their home turf. However, only one can be the Ink Master. The show originally premiered in 2012 on the Paramount+. Moreover, According to the official description of the show, the show is described as, “Some of the best tattoo masters in the industry showcase their sophisticated skills to prove that they have what it takes to win the competition.”

As of now, the show had developed upto 13 seasons. And the 14th and upcoming season is almost here. Furthermore, the show has the fans waiting on the contestants list. Anyway, we had it all covered.

Here’s everything you need regarding the contestants of the show.

Ink Master Season 14: Contestants

  • Angela Rose

Angela Rose is a recurring contestant from the Season 11 and Season 13 of Ink Master. Check out Angela’s Instagram post.

  • Chris Shockley

Chris Shockley is also a recurring contestant from Season 11. Back in the previous season Chris was eliminated. However, Chris is now ready all over again to compete with all the spirit.

  • Bob Jones

Bob Jones on returning to the Season 14 of Ink Master, stated, “So stoked, to be part of this opportunity once again.” Bob was a part of the Ink Master Season 13.

  • Creepy Jason

Addressing his return to the Season 14, Creepy Jason said, “I got tired of not seeing my dumb face on TV, so I did the dang thing again.”

  • Gian Karle

Gian Karle was a part of the Ink Master Season 8, However, he has now returned to the Season 14.

  • Deanna James

Deanna James seems super excited to be back on the show after Season 10. The tattoo artist stated, “I’m so excited to compete again as well as make all the greatest facial expressions.” Moreover, She also hosted a viewing party for her friends.

  • Hiram Casas

Hiram Casas is all set to return to the Season 14 back to back after participating in Season 13. Talking about the same, Hiram said, “And I’ll be returning for another season.”

  • Holli MarieΒ 

After Season 12, Holli Marie is once again geared up for the Ink Master Season 14.

  • Katie McGowan

Katie McGowan was already on the show twice. Katie appeared on Season 6 and Season 9. However, she is returning to the Season 14 as well.

  • Pon

Pon was on the show in the Season 12. Moreover, on expressing his return to the show, Pon described it as an amazing opportunity.

Ink Master Season 14: Where to Watch?

The Ink Master Season 14 is all set to premiere on 7 September, 2022. It is available on Paramount+.

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