Inspirational & motivational quotes by Yuvraj Singh

From 2003 to 2017, Yuvraj Singh represented India in 40 Tests, 304 One-Day Internationals, and 58 Twenty20I Internationals.

On and off the track, Yuvraj Singh, India’s stylish match-winner and 2011 World Cup star has captured hearts. His fan base has only expanded upon his return to the cricket field after his cancer challenge.

Here are some beautiful quotes given by our favorite player:

After 25 years, in around 22 yards and almost 17 years of international cricket on and off, I have decided to move on.

It was a love-hate relationship with the sport. In retrospect, I don’t think I hated this game because the love I have for this game will remain constant until the end of life.

This game taught me how to fight, how to fall, how to dust myself off to get up again and move forward.

I have failed more times than I have succeeded but never gave up and will never give up till my last breath and that’s what cricket taught me.

Winning 2011 World Cup, being Man of the Match of series, four Man of the Match was all like a dream followed by harsh reality…being diagnosed with cancer.

It was like touching the sky and then falling down at light speed hitting the ground.

The adrenaline rush playing for India, singing the national anthem and touching the national flag, stopping every run and scoring every run was a completely different high.

From 2003 to 2017, Yuvraj Singh represented India in 40 Tests, 304 One-Day Internationals, and 58 T20I. Yuvraj Singh demonstrated his big-game attitude when he struck Stuart Broad for six 6s in the first-ever World T20I in Durban in 2007. He backed it up with a blistering fifty against Australia, and he was instrumental in India’s victory in the inaugural World T20I. The cricketer was diagnosed with cancer just after World Cup and fought it during the competition. He went abroad for surgery and then went to France for a training spell after he recovered. In a T20I  against Australia, Yuvraj Singh proved what he was always worthy of with a 35-ball 77.

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