IPL 2021 DC vs CSK : Dhoni first time out on a duck since 2015 IPL

In DC vs CSK of IPL 2021, in the very first match of CSK , the captain MS Dhoni gone for a duck, scoring 0(2)

MS Dhoni surely disappointed his fans. On the ball of  Avesh Khan, Dhoni couldn’t stop the bails off to fly.  Stop the press – Dhoni departs for a duck!

That’s skidding through in line with the stumps, not exactly true bounce, and Dhoni throws his weight behind the pull only for the ball to kiss his under-edge and crash into the stumps, lighting up the bails in a flash – the one display of lights that can silence an imaginary crowd at an Indian venue. Dhoni departs for a duck in his first appearance in IPL 2021. No finisher heroics tonight, then. Dhoni b Avesh Khan 0(2)

MS Dhoni ducks in IPL

0(1) v Royals Chennai 2010

0(2) v Daredevils Chennai 2010

0(1) v Mumbai Mumbai 2015

0(2) v Capitals Mumbai 2021 *

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