Is Big Mouth being discontinued by Netflix?

Teenage years are known to be uncomfortable, which is why they have historically provided such a rich source of comedic material. One of many TV shows and films that have enthusiastically embraced the quirkiness of adolescence is the animated sitcom Big Mouth.

One of the finest animated Netflix programmes, Big Mouth, has a seventh season that we are still anticipating’s arrival. With the aid of some completely imaginative creatures like the “hormone monsters,” the protagonists explore the weird world of growing older. Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, and the rest of the amazing voice cast are likely to have more wonderful moments in them.

But as they say, everything good has to come to an end. Does one of the greatest streaming services still have plans for the characters from Big Mouth, or is the show being cancelled by Netflix?


Is Big Mouth being discontinued by Netflix?

regrettably, absolutely. Netflix has decided to end Big Mouth after its recently revealed eighth season.

Big Mouth season 7 received the go-ahead from Netflix in April 2022, and season 8 was revealed this week. The happy news was laced with melancholy, unfortunately, since season 8 will mark the final installment of one of the finest animated comedy shows. Outside of children’s programming, it makes it the longest-running original Netflix series.

There is obviously a limited amount of content because Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg built the programme in part on their own childhoods. Nobody can remain a teenager forever, after all.

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