Is Christian Bale in The Flash?


DCU fans are once again anticipating the release of The Flash with the release of a new trailer.

The debut of The Flash is rapidly approaching, and interest in the DC Universe film is growing. In addition to that, there are rumours and fan ideas regarding what and who we could see in the superhero film. We already know that the upcoming film will feature Michael Keaton’s Batman, Supergirl, and two Barry Allens. Will Christian Bale appear in The Flash? What about the other Batman actors?


Is Christian Bale in The Flash?

Unless a cameo is being omitted from trailers and other promotional materials, Christian Bale won’t be appearing in The Flash. Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are returning to The Flash, according to the promos, although Bale has yet to make an appearance.

If Bale were to appear, it might very easily be disguised (like the several Peter Parkers in No Way Home), as this would be a huge appearance and the first link between the DC Universe and Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. But as of right moment, it appears like Bale will not be appearing in the film.


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