Is Dracula Untold 2 releasing this year? Here’s what we know!


However, due to recent modifications, there is one monster that everyone has come to appreciate. Yes, your assumption was accurate. I’ll talk about vampires. Modern depictions of vampires as seductive, secretive teenagers in love with human ladies have become extremely popular thanks to the Twilight and The Vampire Diaries worlds.

Vampires originated thanks to Bram Stoker and his legendary Count Dracula. There are several accounts of these bloodsucking creatures. Some go back deeper in time. And Dracula Untold makes this point clear.

The movie came out in 2014. At the box office, Dracula Untoldeld made a splash, but it wasn’t a big hit. Fans of the classic tale, though, continued to appreciate it. Fans have been anticipating the release of a sequel ever since. They look forward to Luke Evans’s Dracula comeback. Because Universal Studios has not yet announced a sequel, fans are disappointed. So let’s talk about the sequel in this post. Will Dracula Untold see a follow-up?


Dracula Untold 2 Expected Plot 

There haven’t been any current reports that the sequel would be made, and it hasn’t been publicly confirmed. A cliffhanger foreshadowing a continuation of the Dracula story ended Dracula Untold. Universal Studios, meanwhile, is not currently planning to make a sequel. At the end of Dracula Untold, Vlad, now known as Dracula, was portrayed in the streets of London. He meets Mina, who reminds him of his late wife Mirena.

The Master Vampire is also there at this time and is watching the two people. The ending implied that the sequel will continue Bram Stoker’s Dracula, as Mina had already stated. So, if a Dracula Untold sequel is ever produced, we’ll know what the director had in mind.


Dracula Untold 2 Cast 

No cast alterations have been made for Dracula Untold 2. If the movie is made, Luke Evans will probably return to the role of Dracula. As Mina Murray, Sarah Gadon, who portrayed Vlad’s wife Mirena in Dracula Untold, may return. Unknown actors make up the rest of the cast.


Dracula Untold 2 Release Date

After eight years, Universal Studios has failed to make a sequel announcement. It seems doubtful that Dracula Untold will get a sequel. These literary creatures were initially going to be used to fill out a Dark Universe, according to Universal Studios. Frankenstein, The Mummy, and Dracula were a few of them. The first movie set in this universe was supposed to be Dracula Untold. They have, however, changed their plans once more. It looks that the sequel to Dracula Untold has been canceled when Alex Kurtzman and Tom Cruise joined The Mummy.

You shouldn’t be very disappointed, though. The concepts of Universal Studios are always changing. Therefore, Dracula Untold 2 may still fit within the Dark Universe. Dracula will make a comeback on the big screen in the movie Renfield. On April 14, 2023, Renfield is slated to make its theatrical premiere. The fact that Nicholas Cage will play Dracula in Renfield is the finest piece of news for fans.


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