Is Frozen 3 releasing this year? Here’s what we know!


Taking the world by storm in 2013, the Disney film Frozen gave us House of Mouse devotees a heartwarming tale, catchy melodies, and the delightful Disney heroine Anna. Frozen 2 was released in 2019, following the popularity of the original animated film, and ever since then, everyone has been left wanting more and wondering what comes next.

The Frozen movie series centers on the royal sisters Anna and Elsa and is set in the frigid land of Arendelle. With the aid of their close friends Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, the two frequently face the outside world as a result of Elsa’s unique ice powers and attempt to understand the mysterious magic.

With Arendelle abandoned and Anna assuming the role of Queen, Elsa fully embraces her mystical side in the most recent movie, Frozen 2. Although there is a happy “ending,” there are still many story possibilities, and, let’s face it, it won’t be long before Disney announces Frozen 3.


Frozen 3 Plot

What will occur in Frozen 3 is unknown. But taking into account all the open ends and potential outcomes in Anna and Elsa’s journey following Frozen 2, we can start to sketch out a possible outline for the fictitious movie.

The fate of Elsa and Anna’s parents in the first film, released in 2013, was revealed at the conclusion of Frozen 2. It comes out that the two were going to Ahtohallan to find Elsa’s ice power’s origin.

We also discovered that the war that has plagued the two kingdoms for decades is the result of the sisters’ grandfather, who for 34 years cut off the neighboring tribe Northuldra from the outside world.

Elsa becomes the “fifth spirit” and decides to defend the enchanted forest where the Northuldrans live after learning the truth about their mother’s true identity as a Northuldran and liberating the imprisoned tribe by collapsing the dam that Arendelle erected in the past to weaken them.

This essentially implies that Elsa has taken on the role of the conduit between the spirit realm and the material world, forcing Anna to succeed as the ruler of Arendelle because Elsa now has more important and esoteric concerns.

Although Elsa and Anna’s parents, Queen Iduna and King Agnarr, were well-represented in Frozen 2, it did leave out a lot of information about their relationship and several unanswered questions. How the two-handled Iduna’s Northulda ancestry, while the two kingdoms were still at war, is still a mystery to us. Elsa is likely to regain lost memories as she explores Ahtohallan and the magical forest, and she might be able to tell us more about her parents’ past.


Frozen 3 cast

It is pretty safe to assume that the cast of Frozen 3 will feature a lot of the recognizable voices that we have grown to love and recognize from the previous Disney films.

Our main Disney Queen Anna will undoubtedly return, and Idina Menzel will play Elsa’s enchanted sister. In fact, Bell stated during an interview with Good Morning America that she would enthusiastically support a sequel.

The potential cast list for Frozen 3:

  • Kristen Bell as Anna
  • Idina Menzel as Elsa
  • Josh Gad as Olaf
  • Jonathan Groff as Kristoff


Frozen 3 Release Date

There is currently no release date for Frozen 3, which is awful news for Disney lovers. Given that there were six years between Frozen and Frozen 2, information about an updated timetable could not be available for some time. Even though it hasn’t yet received the go-ahead, Frozen 3 isn’t completely off the table.

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