Is Hailey Bieber hiding her pregnancy?

When it comes to their private lives, Hailey Bieber and her husband Justin Bieber have always been quite vigilant.

However, because they were the subject of pregnancy rumours recently, the couple appears to be being extra cautious. The model and businesswoman shared a GRWM TikTok with her admirers, but because of a clothing malfunction, viewers are wondering whether the rumours are genuine. Learn what occurred.

The enthusiasm among Justin and Hailey Bieber’s fans is palpable. After Hailey had a little wardrobe mistake, rumours of a possible pregnancy began to circulate, leading to speculation that the couple might be expecting their first child. The creator of Rhode Skin used TikTok to promote her GRWM video with her followers.

The 26-year-old gave her fans an inside look at her preparations for a fancy night out. She kindly provided a step-by-step breakdown of her beauty routine in a video with the remark “grwm for a lil night out.” Layers of lotion and cosmetics were applied to Bieber’s face as she began her ritual. To create the ideal appearance, she concentrated on combing her brows and added blush, mascara, and foundation.

Everything appeared to be going according to plan until she had to zip up her dress from the back. The model’s body-hugging, sleeveless black dress had a zip that she was clearly having trouble opening. Many of her followers questioned the veracity of the pregnancy rumours after she leapt and struggled to fasten her garment.

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