Is ‘J Baby’ already released on Prime Video?

Here’s everything you need to know about “J Baby”.


Urvashi portrays a tetchy grandmother in J Baby who is known for stirring up mischief. She enjoys mentioning names and has no fear of authority or power. “I am Stalin’s friend” ; “Indira Gandhi was my friend; Jayalalithaa was my friend.” Claiming to be friends with some of the most influential political figures in Indian history, she even confronts a cop who is going about his business because she believes he is not carrying out his duties properly. Her sons become quite stressed out by her antics and eventually become aggressive towards her. When J Baby vanishes, their kids start looking for her all over the nation.

Dinesh told OTTplay earlier, “I still have a respectable distance from my mother. There is a scene in this film where I must search for my mother. Probably it is this scene, which has made me take it up and do the film. It made me emotional. I am a jovial person, but this character wanted a 180-degree turn and be more vulnerable. I hope to have done a better job.”

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Release Date

J Baby had released on Prime Video on April 12, 2024.

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