Is Man of Steel 2 releasing this year? Here’s what we know!


Fans last saw Cavill’s Superman in the superhero team-up film Justice League, in which the DC heroes came together to fight Steppenwolf. Since then, it has been five years, and much rumour has circulated over whether or not Cavill’s tenure as Clark Kent was complete. There was a very real chance that Man of Steel 2 might never happen.

However, Dwayne Johnson, a force of nature, suddenly swooped in. He pushed for the inclusion of Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe in order to battle Superman, notably Henry Cavill’s Superman. Thankfully, he was successful, and Cavill will continue to serve as DC’s Man of Steel.

Of course, it opens the intriguing possibility of a follow-up to his initial performance as the character, which was released back in 2013. Here is all we currently know about Man of Steel 2.


Man of Steel 2 cast 

We don’t know a thing about the Man of Steel 2 cast, just like we don’t know when Man of Steel 2 will be released. Only one person’s name has been confirmed as appearing in the film, and that is Henry Cavill as Superman. In order to make room for his comeback to the big screen as the covert journalist/superhero Clark Kent, he has apparently dropped The Witcher.

Even though it is the only person we can declare will be in the cast with absolute certainty, there are still many more candidates. First off, Amy Adams’ Lois Lane is most likely to make a comeback. She is always a crucial component of each Superman narrative, so anticipate her presence. It would also be unexpected if Laurence Fishburne didn’t appear as Clark Kent’s Daily Planet employer in any manner.

Other than that, nobody knows. It’s difficult to say if Justice League movie characters like Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa, or Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, will make a return.


Man of Steel 2 Plot

The Man of Steel 2 storyline is completely open-ended. There is still a tonne of DC mythos that hasn’t been examined or that might need a deeper look. The narrative of a science fiction film is difficult to foresee with any degree of accuracy, much like attempting to discover a very small needle in a very large haystack.

Nevertheless, The Digital Fix is a tenacious bunch, so let’s give it a go. The one major plot line that we believe will be continued in Man of Steel 2 has to do with Martian Manhunter. The superhero had a very brief guest appearance in Zach Snyder’s Justice League, dropping a hint that he will play a significant part in the universe’s future plans.

Superman and the DC superhero might find themselves at odds in Man of Steel 2 or work together to defeat a formidable opponent like Darkseid. It would be a natural spot for Man of Steel 2 to go from, but because the sequel will start from scratch, that won’t be the case.


Man of Steel 2 Trailer

Nobody should be surprised that there isn’t a Man of Steel 2 trailer yet given how far away the film is from filming. Images or any other information from that front won’t likely arrive until at least 2025, and maybe much later.


Man of Steel 2 Release date

There is no Man of Steel 2 release date, which is hardly surprising given that the action film hasn’t been officially confirmed to be moving forward. Don’t let your optimism go away too quickly, though, since we have a very decent idea of when Man of Steel 2 may be released.

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