Is Michelle Pfeiffer in The Flash?


DCU fans are more eager than ever for the impending film thanks to the new teaser for The Flash, but they still have many questions.

One of these is if Michelle Pfeiffer will appear in the next film. With roles in both DCU and MCU films, Michelle Pfeiffer is a legend of the superhero film genre. Despite her recent appearances as a member of the MCU, Janet van Dyne Pfeiffer is most recognised for her role as Catwoman against Michael Keaton’s Batman in the film Batman Returns.

Since no subsequent Batman film has been able to equal the chemistry between the two, fans of the DC Universe are speculating if Michelle Pfeiffer would play Catwoman in The Flash in addition to Keaton’s comeback.


Is Michelle Pfeiffer in The Flash?

There is no official word about Michelle Pfeiffer joining the cast of The Flash. It appears that the Catwoman actor won’t be a part of the action film alongside her old co-star Keaton because she hasn’t been shown in any trailers or other promotional materials.

However, it’s also possible that a Michelle Pfeiffer cameo is only being withheld from audiences for the time being (as with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in No Way Home). To be certain, we’ll all have to wait till the premiere of The Flash.



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