Is Oshi no Ko streaming? How to watch the new anime


Oshi no Ko is one of the most talked-about series released in 2023 thus far, despite how difficult it may be to keep up with all of the current changes in the anime industry.

Oshi no Ko is fighting to be regarded as one of the finest anime series currently airing, and the new anime is undoubtedly thrilling viewers. It follows a doctor and patient who are mysteriously resurrected as the twin children of a Japanese music phenomenon, offering a severely distorted view of the entertainment industry’s seedy underbelly. You know, the kind of things that occur every day.

Here’s how to watch Oshi no Ko as this distinctive manga transitions to TV screens and streaming sites. It’s already garnering plaudits from anime lovers as one of the finest TV series in years.


Where can I watch Oshi no Ko?

Currently, Oshi no Ko may be seen online in the US on Hidive.

So if you’re a Western fan eager to see Oshi no Ko, the anime-focused streaming service is the best place to go. Sadly, there is no way to see the show now if you live in the UK. If something changes, we’ll let you know.

Fans of anime, good news. Hidive, a streaming service in the US, offers Oshi no Ko. They should give the programme a lot of attention as they are an anime-focused streaming service.

Of course, you can. The US has Oshi no Ko accessible. As things stand, this anime-specific service is the only place where the series is available in America. In the UK, there isn’t currently a streamer setup for it.

Ko is available on Disney Plus in Japan but not in the UK or the US. If the programme ever becomes accessible on Disney Plus in Western areas, which is improbable, we’ll keep this information updated.



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