Is Sisu streaming? How to watch the new action movie

Jalmari Helander, the filmmaker of Rare Exports, one of the greatest Christmas films ever made, is the brains behind all of this. However, you might enjoy it a little less if you prefer a happy holiday season. After that, Helander directed Big Game starring Samuel L. Jackson. He has now switched back to his native tongue of Finnish for a brand-new entry into the pantheon of the greatest war films.

So if all of that has got you excited and you want to know how to watch Sisu, we’ve got you covered. Well, in order to determine whether the new film is accessible, we looked at the top streaming providers, and we’ll let you know where to locate it.


Where can I watch Sisu?

Sisu is now playing in US theatres; on May 26, 2023, it will open in UK theatres.

Later this year, Sisu is likely to be available on streaming and digital platforms. But for the time being, you’ll have to go to the theatre to witness all the mayhem in what is being hailed as one of the finest action films of 2023.

There is no Sisu on Netflix. For the time being, Sisu is only available in theatres, but we’ll keep an eye out to see whether it soon makes an appearance in the Netflix library. Disney Plus doesn’t have Sisu. It’s also doubtful that Sisu will appear on Disney Plus anytime soon because the film was not produced by Disney or one of the businesses it controls.

Sisu is not yet available on Prime Video. After Sisu’s cinema release has passed, we anticipate seeing it available for digital rental or purchase on Prime Video later this year. Currently, Sisu is not accessible on Blu-ray. But later in 2023, you can almost certainly anticipate some sort of physical media release.

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