Is ‘The Big Cigar’ already released on Apple TV?

Here’s everything you need to know about the series “The Big Cigar”.


The captivating story of the 1966-set television series is based on the real-life experiences of Huey P. Newton, the visionary who started the Black Panther Party. This revolutionary organisation was founded to fight racism, socioeconomic injustice, and police violence against Black people. Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale established the Black Panther Party, or BPP, in 1966 as a means of self-defense.

Know the talented Cast and hardworking Makers 

PJ Byrne as Stephen Blauner, Marc Menchaca as Sydney Clark, Tiffany Boone as Gwen Fontaine, Alessandro Nivola as Bert Schneider, Jordane Christie as Bobby Seale, Moses Ingram as Teressa Dixon, Olli Haaskivi as Arthur A. Ross, and Jaime Ray Newman as Roz Torrance are just a few of the marvelous characters that can be found in the series. Warner Bros. Televisions, Epic, and Folding Spector Productions are the talented producers of The Big Cigar.

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Release Date

The Big Cigar had released on 17 May 2024 only on Apple TV. The episodes of the series are named as follow:

  • Panther (Episode 1)
  • The Cuban ( Episode 2)
  • Guns and Matzah (Episode 3)
  • What Are Friends For (Episode 4)
  • Lost Paradise (Episode 5)
  • The Pirate (Episode 6).

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