Is the Perfect Match couple Dom and Georgia still together?


According to The Drive-In Podcast, Hassarati, who was a “Too Hot to Handle” alum, had no expectations coming into the performance. She stated, “I wasn’t expecting much, but I was glad to have another opportunity to meet people in my atmosphere and possibly find someone who I truly connect with.” In the end, Hassarati and Gabriel did connect, and they developed into one of the most stable couples on the programme. Even though they encountered many difficulties, they consistently seemed to prevail. In addition to being the “Perfect Match” for viewers, Gabriel and Hassarati were also the “Perfect Match” for the other competitors because they ended up winning the competition.

Many have been speculating about the couple’s relationship ever since the series came to an end.


Dom and Georgia split

Fans were disappointed to learn that Netflix did not produce a reunion episode of the popular programme “Perfect Match.” Instead, they made the decision to publish a brief YouTube video informing fans of which couples had remained together after the event ended. While many predicted that most of the marriages would not endure, Dom Gabriel confirmed that he and Georgia Hassarati were no longer together. The native of Australia expressed her breakup with Dom with more compassion than he did. “We were at various stages of our relationship, and he is such a wonderful person. The last thing I wanted was for it to be an ugly ending to something so beautiful,” she shared. Gabriel, however, had an entirely different account of their breakup that shocked the audience.

The breakup of Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati became even more dramatic. According to Cosmopolitan, the Australian woman addressed the split on her Instagram story and said that everything Gabriel stated in the YouTube clip was false. As Dom prefers electronic communication over in-person interaction, Hassarati said, “This is for you Dom.” You seem so “undisturbed,” yet you never mentioned to me that you were concerned by the podcast’s title, over which I had no control. She then proposed that Gabriel go out to dinner the evening of the podcast with Ines Tazi, another “Perfect Match” celebrity.

Gabriel made the decision to respond with a set of Instagram stories of his own. The reality star revealed that when he questioned Hassarati about the podcast later, she gave him very little information. Gabriel also provided screenshots of his and Hassarati’s text messages, which demonstrated that the tea was attended by more than just Tazi and the other “Perfect Match” cast members.

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