Is Virgin River season 5 releasing in October 2022? Here’s complete status

Virgin River fans are anxious to learn as much as they can about the upcoming season, including when it will be published, as soon as the current one comes to a conclusion. Thankfully, Virgin River season 5 is coming, but Mel and Jack’s story still hasn’t been revealed. Virgin River’s fifth season will include 12 brand-new episodes and pick up right after the bombshell season 4 finale surprise. A paternity surprise threatens to upend Mel and Jack’s plans to start a family just as they are beginning to do so.

Virgin River season 3 and season 4

The third and fourth seasons were released in the summer, while the fifth season is anticipated to do the same. The first two seasons were released in the fall. We’re uncovering some intriguing teases about what to anticipate in season 5 as filming ramps up. In October 2022, Virgin River season 5 will sadly not be available on Netflix. The new episodes are still being diligently filmed by the actors and crew. However, some fresh information has surfaced from the set, and we’ve broken it all down below.

Virgin River season 5: Release date

Virgin River season 5 is still being produced in Canada as of October 2022. In order to avoid giving anything away, the actors and crew have shared behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from the production. Production for Season 5 began in July 2022 and will continue until November, with a projected summer 2023 release date.

The cast and crew of Virgin River season 5 threw a party on-site to mark the 50th episode of the season. We are eager to see what unique event will mark the milestone onscreen for the 50th episode, which will be the eighth of season 5.

A picture of Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson filming what appears to be a highly exciting scene for Mel and Jack was another set tease. Only time will tell if the gathering the couple appears to be attending was organised in their honour.


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