Israel: Archaeologists find 1000-year-old intact chicken egg

Intact chicken egg dating from roughly 1000 years ago was revealed

An extradition discovery has been made by the team of archaeologists from Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).

The organisation also took to Facebook to share a detailed post about the discovery.

In Yavne, the IAA archaeologists while excavating an ancient cesspit dating from the Islamic period, an unbroken chicken egg was found.

The large scale excavations carried out by Dr. Elie Haddad, Liat Nadav-Ziv and Dr. Jon Seligman, led to the discovery of a diverse and extensive industrial area dating from the Bryzantine Period.

The excavations were a part of the Israel’s Land Authority urban expansion project in the city.

Dr. Lee Perry Gal of the IAA said that the eggshell fragments were known from earlier periods, for example in the City of David and at Caesarea and Apollonia, but due to the eggs fragile shells, hardly any whole chicken eggs had been preserved. He went on to say that even at a global level, it was an ‘extremely rare find’.

Dr. Perry Gal said, “Unfortunately the egg had a small crack at the bottom so most of the contents had leaked out. Only some of the yolk remained which was preserved for future DNA analysis.”

How the egg was found in a cesspit is still unknown but many other finds were retrieved from the same pit as the egg.

Three Islamic period bone dolls were also retrieved which were used as playthings a 1000 years ago.


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