J.J. Abrams to helm docuseries exploring the UFO phenomenon

The show, which has been titled UFO, will be a 4-part docuseries and will be showcased on television network channel Showtime

American film director, producer, screenwriter, and composer J.J. Abrams, who is known for his work in a number of genres like action, drama, and science fiction, has revealed that he will be producing a new project, which has been titled UFO, that will be scrutinizing the “UFO” phenomenon. The director also stated that the project will be a 4-part docuseries which will be produced for the television network channel Showtime.

Abrams will be teaming up with directors Paul Crowder and Mark Monroe for the series, which will explore some unsettling theories of the subject which recently made national headlines. The director also stated that although citizens had been ‘ridiculed and ostracized’ about the truth of the matter when it came to UFOs, it has always been in the focus of some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and politicians, making it an interesting subject matter. The project will be executive produced by Glen Zipper, Monroe, Ben Stephenson, Sean Stuart, and Rachel Rusch Rich.

Speaking about the project, Abrams revealed that it will reflect on what clandestine influence and power the American government, private companies, and the military have in shielding and protecting the truth behind extraterrestrial phenomena, in an attempt to further their own agendas. He said that the series will also reveal the history of the particular phenomenon through cultural and political touchpoints, which will also include shocking testimonials from eyewitnesses across the state. Abrams believes that the project will help in confronting some of the most enigmatic questions on the lines of why do we believe what we believe, along with an attempt to unveil the truth beyond this decades-long mystery.

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