Joe Biden expresses that Queen Elizabeth reminds him of his mother

US President Joe Biden expressed that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth reminded him of his mother. He further added that she had enquired about China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin as they had tea at Windsor Castle on Sunday.

Following the private meeting after the conclusion of the Group of Seven leaders summit Biden praised the 95 year old British Monarch. At the summit, he proposed for a concerted action on China. Biden is also supposed to hold a meeting with Putin on Wednesday.

Before departing from London, Biden expressed, ” I don’t think she’d be insulted but she reminded me of my mother, the look of her and just the generosity.” He added. “She is extremely gracious, that is not surprising.” Biden further affirmed that they both had a great talk and she enquired about the two leader, Mr. Putin and Xi Jinping.

On Sunday, the monarch was dressed in a bright pink floral outfit and had warmly welcomed Biden and his wife Jill in the Quadrangle of the castle that is the home to the royal family for about 1000 years. The President was given a Guard of honour formed by the Queen’s Company First Battalion Grenadier Guards followed by a Royal salute. The US National anthem was also played before they enter the castle for tea. The President assured that he had invited the monarch to the White house and wished to stay a bit longer if he could hold the cars and the stuffs for few minutes.

On Friday night, Queen hosted a reception for the leaders of the Group of seven rich nations and their spouses in the southwestern English country of Cornwall . There the three days summit took place. Jill Biden, wife of Joe Biden revealed that they had been looking forward to meet the queen and it was an exciting part of the visit for them.

Biden’s became the fourth president whom the queen greeted at Winsor. There have been 14 US Presidents among whom Elizabeth has met all bar Lyndon Johnson during her 69 years longest reign on the British throne when compared to other English monarch.

Considering the loss of Prince Philip, her 99 year old husband in April, the queen has still continued on with her official duties as the head of state during the G7 gathering with determination. It is reported, that the queen had cracked a joke during the official photo call, on Friday. She further got engaged in laughter during an official engagement for a local project.

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