K drama ‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 5 and 6 to be releasing soon

The exhilarating new romantic comedy K-drama Frankly Speaking on Netflix is sure to liven up your 2024 binge-watching session.


Frankly Speaking, directed by Jang Ji-yeon of Nevertheless fame, centres on a successful broadcaster whose reputation starts to wane due to an illness that causes him to speak without a filter while on the radio. TV programme writer Woo-ju thinks Ki-baek’s disorder intriguing and extends an invitation to her variety show to him. Will Ki-baek be able to salvage his career with this newfound opportunity in reality TV?

When will Frankly Speaking’s fifth and sixth episodes air?

Frankly Speaking’s fifth and sixth episodes will be available on Netflix on May 15 and 16, respectively. On May 1, 2024, the first episode of the series debuted on the over-the-top platform.

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Number of Episodes

There are total 12 episodes. Here’s the list given below

Episode 1 – Wednesday, 1 May (Out now)

Episode 2 – Thursday, 2 May (Out now)

Episode 3 – Wednesday, 8 May (Out now)

Episode 4 – Thursday, 9 May (Out now)

Episode 5 – Wednesday, 15 May(Out now)

Episode 6 – Thursday, 16 May

Episode 7 – Wednesday, 22 May

Episode 8 – Thursday, 23 May

Episode 9 – Wednesday, 30 May

Episode 10 – Thursday, 31 May

Episode 11 – Wednesday, 5 June

Episode 12 – Thursday, 6 June

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