Keral govt. to take back all cases registered during Sabarimala conflict

The ruling party in Kerala will remove all cases against people who were agitating during the Sabarimala issue.

The issue led to cases against more than 50,000 people. These people participated in the 2018 violence that took place after the Supreme Court struck down traditional age restrictions for women to enter the temple. Before that, only women of reproductive age could enter the temple. The opposition in Kerala demanded a withdrawal of the cases after which this decision has been taken. Devotees of Ayappa had also allegedly participated in the violence. The Nair Service Society, representing the Nair community in Kerala, asked for the withdrawal of cases against the Ayappa devotees.

Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala brought up the issue a day after the Nair Service Society spoke about it. He slammed the LDF government (or the ruling party) and said they had taken a “revengeful” approach.

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