Kojagari Laxmi Puja 2023: Date and Time

It is believed that Kojagari Laxmi Puja is a lucky day to worship Goddess Laxmi. On Purnima Tithi of Ashwina Month, devotees pray to Goddess Laxmi. Most people celebrate this festival in Assam, West Bengal, and Odisha. This festival takes place in the months of September and October according to the Hindu calendar. Kojagara Puja will be celebrated this year on October 28, 2023.

Here are the timings of Kojagari Laxmi Puja:

1. Start of Purnima Tithi: October28, 2023 – 04:17 AM

2. End of Purnima Tithi: October 29, 2023 – 01:53 AM

3. Moonrise:October 28, 2023 – 04:53 PM

4. Time of Kojagara Puja Nishita: 11:06 PM to 11:56 PM

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