Last Call Of Istanbul: When is it releasing?

Here’s everything you need to know about “Last Call for Istanbul”.


Serin meets Mehmet after her luggage is inadvertently taken by another traveller. At JFK International Airport, what begins as a search for misplaced luggage quickly turns into a story about love, loyalty, and second chances.


Kivanç Tatlitug and Beren Saat are the leads of Last Call for Istanbul.

Other cast includes:

●Zihan Zhao as Fenhua

●Annie McCain Engman as June

●Michael Loayza as Davi

●Ty Fisher as Comedy Club MC

●Sindia Duverge as Tanaya

●Joy Donze as Sophia

●Susan Slatin as Jane

●Dias Tussupbekov as Barman

●Angela Chew as Jia

●Rebecca Parker as Rose

●Johnny Gaffney as Rich

●George Slatin as Bob

●John Bradford as Danny

●Daniel Kwiatkowski as Phil

●Sammi Rivera as Frankie

●Charlie Engman as Charley

●Tristan James as Roi

●Gabrielle Policano as Amina

●Nikima Brooks as Malika

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Release date 

“Last Call for Istanbul” will make its debut only on Netflix, on November 24th, 2023.

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