LED lights – The best lighting solution for home


Sometimes, the lighting of your home can turn out to be an underestimated aspect in terms of aesthetics and themes. But did you know that apart from the aesthetics, your home’s lighting also affects your mood and overall well-being?Yes, it’s true!

So, what better way than introducing a good, sustainable, efficient and soothing lighting solution for your home than getting led lights installed. Over the years, led lights’ technology has come a long way from the traditional lighting methods. Today, you will find led lights in different shapes, sizes, and efficient designs.

Led Lights for Your Home

Led lights are known to be 90% more efficient than traditional bulbs and lights, and come in various kinds of types, shapes, colours, wattage and sizes to light up every corner of your home beautifully. With this guide, you will understand how led lighting makes for a smart solution for your home.

How Can Led Lights Benefit You?

Led lights for home is the best way to add sophisticated allure to your home. These lights add a calming vibe to any room, and is also good for the environment. If you are still now sure, here are some of the top advantages of using anled light solution in your home:

1. Lifespan

The most significant advantage of having led lights installed in your home is its long life cycle. Led lights have extremely long operational hours due to their energy-saving technology. This allows the lights to be durable in nature and last up to 40 times longer than traditional lighting systems.

2. Energy Efficient

Led lights use much less power in comparison to other lights such as CFL lights, fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, etc. The energy efficiency of your led lights will depend on the quality of your led light and the kind of lights that were installed previously.

Choosing the best led light from trusted brands like Luminous ensures that you get top quality products, delivering maximum energy efficiency for your home.

3. Heat Emission And Safety

One of the best features of having led light systems for your home is the safety factor. Heat emission is one of the most dangerous hazards of a lighting system. Since led lights operate in an energy-efficient manner, they usemuch lesser voltage to operate compared to other lights.

Due to the less power consumption, led lights emit little to no heat. This makes them extremely safe to use as other lights convert up to 90% of their energy into heat, leaving only about 10% for actual light.

4. Lumens


Lumens are units of measurement for the amount of light emitted by a bulb. Higher lumens indicate brighter light, whereas less lumens indicate a dimmer light. Knowing about lumens allow you to purchase the ideal LED lights for your space. So, when you shop for new LED lighting solutions, keep lumens in mind.

5. Electricity Bill Reduction

LEDS(light-emitting diodes) are semiconductors, which change into light as electrons pass through them. LEDs are by far the most energy-efficient alternative since much of the energy utilized is transformed into light and less energy gets dissipated as heat. LEDs dramatically reduce energy consumption and therefore enable savings by cutting electricity costs. It offers significant energy savings compared to traditional lights.

Additionally, LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs and does not comprise of mercury, which makes it an even more ecologically responsible alternative.

Where To Use Led Lights In Your Home?

Finding the perfect led light for every room is important to match the aesthetic of the home. Here are some spaces where you can add led lights.

  1. Bedroom

It is important to set a relaxing and calming aesthetic in your bedroom. For example, you can opt for a soft and subtle lighting tone to help you create a peaceful environment in the bedroom.

  1. Home Office

The home office lighting should help you in maximizing productivity and focus on doing your work. Tones that mimic daylight will be most suitable for your home office.

  1. Living room/ dining room

The living room and dining room require subtle and sophisticated lighting, just like the bedroom. You can even add a chandelier with led lights to enhance the look of your living room.

  1. Kitchen

The kitchen requires a brighter tone of lighting, which allows safety and productivity. You can add led lights over the table or kitchen counter for more visibility.

Purchasing and installing led lights from brands like Luminous that specializein home electricals such as lights is important to get the best quality lighting systems for your home. Head to their website to explore the different kinds of led lights in the market!