Lionel Messi’s future updates: Will he continue at FC Barcelona?

Lionel Messi will remain at Barcelona unless a significant surprise occurs that causes Messi to reconsider. Barcelona has done all in its power to keep the Argentine sensation.

FC Barcelona is now working on the final elements and terms to prepare the formal new contract proposal for Lionel Messi. Messi’s new deal, suggested by Barcelona, will last until June 2023, a two-year extension. Sergio Agüero, of course, but also Wijnaldum, are fresh acquisitions seen favorably by Messi as part of the club’s new direction.

Aguero and Messi have been teammates at the international level for the last 15 years and roommates when they were younger. Messi, according to Aguero, is “like a brother.” In his first press conference as a Barcelona player, Aguero expressed confidence that he and Messi will be teammates next season.

“Of course, let us hope we can play together,” he remarked.

“As president [Joan] Laporta stated, we have been talking for a long period, and whatever happens with Lionel will be his decision, as well as the club’s.

Even president Laporta said he’s confident in convincing Messi to stay, Barcelona president Joan Laporta repeated on Tuesday that negotiations with Lionel Messi “are going well”, less than a month before the Argentine star’s club contract expires.

“We are in talks with Messi’s representatives,” Laporta said at the official presentation of centre-back Eric Garcia, who has joined from Manchester City, as a Barcelona player.

“I said it the other day, it’s going well and we hope they continue to make progress.”

“We want to agree a new contract with Lionel. It’s going well, but it’s not done.”

Messi’s contract with Barcelona expires on June 30. That implies the transaction might be completed before Copa America, allowing Lionel Messi to focus solely on Argentina. There is also the possibility that everything will be resolved when the Argentine returns to Barcelona.

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