List of Companies Owned by Jack Ma in 2021

We present you the list of Companies owned by Jack Ma

Jack Ma is the third richest businessman in China & he is among the most influential people in the World. Jack Ma has made a fortune with his company – Alibaba Inc , but Do Jack Ma only owns one company? Here are the companies other than Alibaba Inc owned by Jack Ma.

1. Youku Todou Inc

Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Youku Todou is an online video streaming platform. It is one of the leading video streaming platform in China. Youku Todou is owned by Alibaba Group.

2. Alibaba Pictures Group

Credit: Alibaba Group

The company was originally known as China Vision Media but in 2014 Alibaba Group bought majority of the stakes & named Alibaba Pictures Group. Alibaba Pictures is the largest Chinese film company & has distributed & invested in several films such as Mission Impossible- Rouge Nation, Gemini Man, Night at Museum etc .

3. South China Morning Post


South China Morning Post is an Hong Kong based English News Agency. SCMP was founded by Tse Tsan Tai & Alfred Cunningham in 1903. Alibaba Group bought South China Morning Post (SCMP) in 2016.

4. Lazada Group

Credit: Pandaily

Lazada Group is a Singaporean technology company which focuses on E Commerce. Lazada Group was bought by the Alibaba Group in 2016. Lazada is the largest E Commerce operator in South East Asia.

5. Intime Department Store

Credit: Zhejiang

Intime Department Store,  is a famous department store chain in China. The store mainly targets young generations with its fashion & luxury commodities.

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