Loki director eyeing yet another MCU project

After the wild success of the very first episode of Loki, the director looks forward to spending more time at the MCU

Writer and director Kate Herron, who had previously worked on Sex Education and Five by Five, has expressed her interest in taking up the Spiderman franchise. Herron, who has worked as the director and executive producer of her first Marvel Cinematic Universe project Loki, stated that she would like to continue working at Marvel Studios. When asked by The Playlist if there was any particular character she would like to develop after Loki, Herron said that she is a huge Spiderman fan and would like to do something particularly involving everybody’s favorite web crawler.

Herron also mentioned that along with being the massive fan of Spiderman that she is, she said that an opportunity to direct a Spiderman movie would be a dream come true for her. Speaking about the MCU version of Spiderman, Herron appreciated Tom Holland, who portrays Spiderman in the MCU, and said that she has been enjoying this version of the character.

However, the director did not want to restrict herself to her wishes, and that she would be open to anything Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, throws in her way. Giving a slight Loki reference, she compared Feige as one of the Time Keepers, and that if he wants to throw something in her way and control her destiny at the MCU, she would be open to that as well. Marvel Studios has been widely appreciated for its inclusion of new talent, which has also been one of the reasons why the studio does not seem to slow down even after 25+ projects. Only time will tell us the direction in which Herron, a new addition to the long list of talents Marvel Studio has embraced, will be headed to.

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