Lucas Ocampos physically abused by spectator during Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano La Liga match; Watch

During Monday’s Spanish league match, a Rayo Vallecano supporter seemed to interfere with a Sevilla player taking a throw in.

Lucas Ocampos was on the touchline. 33 minutes into the first half, a supporter reached out and poked his backside. The Argentine winger confronted the young fan before calling the referee. The match was halted briefly.

A few fans laughed as Rayo players asked the crowd to behave.

“You can see what happened in the (video) images,” Ocampos told broadcaster DAZN. “I hope La Liga takes it as seriously as it takes racism and these things. I don’t think all the Rayo people are like that because they have always treated us with respect, but there is always one fool.”

He also added, “I hope it doesn’t happen in other areas, because if this happens in a women’s football match we know what can happen. I kept my calm because I have two daughters, I hope this doesn’t happen to them in the future. I hope that the action that has to be taken is taken, and I hope that a fool like this does not stain a set of fans who otherwise behaved very well.”

Sevilla ended their six-game losing run with a 2-1 victory, and the incident was the only negative aspect of an otherwise fantastic night. Sevilla is now three points clear of the relegation zone in 15th position in La Liga.

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