M3GAN 2: Is it renewed for a new season! Find out more including Plot, Cast and more!


However, the horror film far exceeded everyone’s expectations because to the power of social media memes and the doll’s newfound reputation as an LGBTQ+ symbol. The bizarre Blumhouse Productions picture, which had a $12 million budget, became one of the most anticipated new releases of 2023 after earning $30 million in its debut weekend alone.

A M3GAN sequel seems, in many respects, inevitable given how the thriller movie has established itself as a money-making juggernaut with enormous franchise potential. The good news is that filmmaker Gerard Johnston has already stated that he would be more than willing to helm a sequel, asking, “How can I not be?” to Variety. We’re anticipating a potential M3GAN 2 release date because the M3GAN conclusion even leaves room for how a sequel may occur.


M3GAN 2 Plot

At the horror film’s climax, M3GAN appears to have been split in two and had her central processor chip destroyed, but the very last shot suggests that at least some of her programming is still in operation. Gemma’s smart home system mysteriously comes to life, suggesting that even though her body has been destroyed, her “soul” is still present and still capable of wreaking havoc.

Since M3GAN appears to be residing in Gemma’s home gadgets, it is possible that she may continue to attack both Gemma and Cady in the upcoming movie. The first movie had established M3GAN’s ability to interfere with adjacent equipment. If this occurs, it will likely be one of two things: either M3GAN continues to be dedicated to “protecting” Cady by any means imaginable, or she seeks retribution against Gemma and Cady for attempting to help her.

The reappearance of the original actors suggests that M3GAN will be out for vengeance. It is therefore doubtful that they will seek to change the course of the narrative by giving another unfortunate child M3GAN’s obsessive tendencies and love of Sia lullabies.


M3GAN 2 cast 

Naturally, a second M3GAN film is impossible without, well, M3GAN. Without Jenna Davis, who voices the character, it would be difficult to envisage the sequel.

12-year-old It appears probable that they could need to employ an actor of the same age to continue the part if a sequel doesn’t happen soon after Amie Donald’s performance.

This is because it’s difficult to see M3GAN’s looks considerably altering considering that the design is now so recognizable. It is also difficult to see an adult portraying her unless they were to maintain their 12-year-old height.

Cast members that have already been confirmed to return are:

  • Allison Williams
  • Violet McGraw


M3GAN 2 Release date 

M3GAN 2 will hit theatres on January 17, 2025, as was revealed in January 2023, just a few weeks after the original film’s premiere. It appears that Jason Blum and James Wan will bet on scoring another January hit.

Given the popularity of the original movie, a sequel was reportedly in the works, according to the New York Times, and insiders informed Deadline that a sequel was already “fast-tracked.”

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