Maggie Season 2: Is it renewed for a new season? Here’s what we know!


Imagine living in a society where you could read your palms to find out all you needed to know about the future with just a fast glance. Hulu is available to transport us to the realm of imagination as it is a distant dream.

The recently released television programme Maggie depicts the tale of Maggie and her psychic talents. You could assume that she has her life together, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Fans are already speculating about the release date of the next episode of the series, which had its Hulu debut on July 6. Here are all the show-related updates you need to be aware of.


Maggie Season 2 Plot

Maggie doesn’t understand that going to a wedding reception with her pals may be the beginning of her life’s never-ending drama. This time, the round table spins, and she sees her future in someone else’s hands rather than gazing into other people’s futures as she has been doing. Fans wanted resolution and an explanation after the second season’s cliffhanger ending.

But what can we expect from the narrative of the second season? In the second season, we may anticipate that their love would be given a second opportunity because Maggie saw her future in Ben’s hands, which included getting married. Another potential storyline for the second season is the romance involving Maggie, Ben, and Robbie.


Maggie Season 2 Cast

Rebecca Rittenhouse, who is portrayed as Maggie, is the series’ main character. She has psychic abilities and can read the palms of anybody, including strangers, to predict their destiny. Maggie’s neighbour Ben is portrayed by David Del Rio, while her closest friend Louise is portrayed by Nichole Sakura.

Leonard Nam, who portrays Dave, Ben’s closest buddy, Angelique Cabral, who plays Amy, Maggie’s single friend, and Ray Ford, who plays Maggie’s angel, round out the ensemble. Maggie and her crew should return in their roles if the programme is renewed. In the future season of the psychic programme, there can also be a new cast and faces.


Maggie Season 2 Trailer

The series has not yet had a trailer published. We will have to wait for formal confirmation from the show’s creators as it is still unclear whether we will receive a second season.

In the meanwhile, if you missed the acclaimed first season, don’t worry—all you need is a Hulu subscription to watch the series there. Model Minority (VUDU), Loot (Apple TV+), and The Summer I Turned Pretty are other comparable television shows (Amazon Prime Video)


Maggie Season 2 Release Date

If you enjoyed the first season, you undoubtedly want to know if it has been extended. The ratings are encouraging, which is better than the bad news that we are unsure of when the series will receive a second instalment.

The show received a 7.0/10 rating on IMDB, which should be sufficient proof that a second season will be ordered.

Regrettably, “Maggie,” a comedy series on Hulu, was cancelled for season 2 on September 9th after only one season.

The second programme may follow the same pattern as the first, which had thirteen episodes. A second season should air in 2023 if the show is approved for a second season.

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