Malaysia Used Car Market Gears Up for $26 Billion by 2027: Rising Demand, Online Platforms, and Shifting Preferences Drive Growth: Ken Research

Malaysia used car market zooms to $26 billion by 2027, fueled by rising middle class and online platforms. Affordability drives demand, with national brands leading sales. Sedans reign, but SUVs gain ground. Consumers target 5-7 year range for value and reliability. Dealers embrace online presence, while trust and financing options are crucial. EVs emerge as sustainability concerns rise. Data and subscriptions shape the future.

Gurugram, India, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Buckle up, Malaysian car enthusiasts! The used car market in Malaysia is set to hit the fast lane, reaching a projected value of $26 billion by 2027. This growth is fueled by a confluence of factors: a rising middle class, increasing demand for affordable vehicles, and the growing popularity of online car buying platforms. This press release, based on the insightful report by Ken Research titled “Malaysia Used Car Market Outlook To 2027 – Driven by Increasing Population and Shifting Consumption Patterns,” explores the key trends propelling this dynamic market and offers valuable insights for dealers, online platforms, and consumers alike. 

Shifting Gears: Factors Fueling the Used Car Market Boom 

Several key drivers are accelerating the growth of the Malaysian used car market: 

  • A Growing Middle Class Seeks Value: Malaysia’s expanding middle class is driving demand for personal vehicles. However, budget constraints often steer them towards the affordability offered by the used car market. This segment is expected to be a key driver of growth in the coming years. 
  • Convenience and Transparency: Online Platforms Take the Wheel: The emergence of online car buying and selling platforms is transforming the used car market landscape. These platforms offer convenience, transparency, and wider selection, attracting both buyers and sellers. 
  • Evolving Preferences: A Shift Towards Quality: Malaysian car buyers are becoming increasingly quality-conscious. This is leading to a growing demand for certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles offered by dealerships, which provide warranties and guarantee vehicle quality. 

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Market Segmentation: Diverse Cars for Diverse Needs 

The Malaysian used car market caters to a wide range of consumer preferences and budget considerations. Here’s a closer look at the segmentation within this dynamic market: 

  • National Brands Reign Supreme: Dominated by homegrown brands like Proton and Perodua, the Malaysian used car market caters to a strong preference for affordability and familiarity with local brands. However, imported vehicles are also gaining traction, offering a wider variety of options for consumers. 
  • Sedans Still Hold the Lead: Sedans remain the most popular segment in the Malaysian used car market due to their practicality and fuel efficiency. However, SUVs are gaining ground, particularly among families and those seeking a more versatile vehicle. 
  • Age Matters: Balancing Budget and Reliability: Consumers tend to strike a balance between affordability and reliability when purchasing used cars. The 5-7 year age range is expected to remain the sweet spot, offering a good balance between value and dependability. 

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Navigating the Road Ahead: A Competitive Landscape 

The Malaysian used car market is a competitive landscape with established dealerships, emerging online platforms, and private sellers vying for a share of the market: 

  • Dealers Adapt to the Digital Age: Traditional used car dealerships are recognizing the importance of a strong online presence. Many are integrating with online platforms or developing their own online showrooms to reach a wider audience. 
  • Building Trust and Transparency: Building trust and ensuring transparency are crucial for success in the Malaysian used car market. Online platforms need to implement robust verification processes and provide detailed vehicle information to build consumer confidence. 
  • Financing Options Pave the Way for Ownership: Providing convenient and attractive financing options is essential for dealerships and online platforms. This allows consumers to access financing solutions that fit their budgets, further stimulating the market. 

The Future is Bright: Emerging Trends Shape the Road Ahead 

The Malaysian used car market is poised for exciting advancements: 

  • Focus on Sustainability: Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the Horizon: As environmental concerns rise, the used electric vehicle (EV) segment is expected to show promising growth. This will require dealerships and online platforms to adapt their offerings and expertise to cater to this emerging segment. 
  • Data-Driven Insights for Smarter Decision-Making: Data analytics will play a growing role in the used car market. By leveraging data, dealerships and platforms can personalize recommendations for buyers, optimize pricing strategies, and improve overall customer experience. 
  • Subscription Models Gain Traction: Subscription models for used cars offer flexibility and affordability, potentially attracting a new segment of consumers. This could be a disruptive trend that dealerships and online platforms need to consider incorporating into their offerings. 

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Download the full report to gain a comprehensive analysis of the Malaysia Used Car Market and its exciting future. This report equips you with the knowledge needed to navigate this dynamic landscape and position yourself for success in the ever-evolving Malaysian automotive industry.

Market Taxonomy

Distribution Channel 

  • Organized 
  • Unorganized 

Type of Vehicle 

  • Sedans 
  • Hatchbacks 
  • SUVs 
  • MVPs 
  • Others

Type of Brands 

  • Perodua 
  • Proton 
  • Toyota 
  • Honda 
  • Nissan 
  • Others 

Age of Vehicle 

  • 0-2 Years 
  • 3-4 Years 
  • 4-6 Years 
  • 6-8 Years 
  • 8+ Years 


  • Kuala 
  • Selangor 
  • Johor 
  • Perak 
  • Others 


  • MYR 30,000 – MYR 50,000 
  • MYR 50,000 – MYR 70,000  
  • MYR 70,000 – MYR 90,000 
  • <MYR 90,000 
  • >MYR 90,000 


  • <20,000 
  • >20,000 
  • 50,000 – 80,000 
  • 80,000 – 120,000 
  • 120,000 – 200,000 
  • >200,000 

Fuel Engine 

  • Petrol 
  • Dissel 
  • Electric 
  • Others 

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